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                        ” Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”

                                                                                                                                                              – Michael Jordan

A Delhi-based photographer, Rajat chose to pursue his photography dream in India. Learning his craft and graduated through the Pusa Polytechnic’s Printing technology and Degree in Advanced Cinematics, Rajat combines his background in Printing and Packaging Industry with his photography, capturing images and the feel it gives him. He is actively involved in research and parting knowledge of Image editing, Colour theory and Designing at various seminars and events organised by various creative institutes.

Rajat believes Photography is about Transferring visions from one to another. There are always two people in a photograph: the photographer and the viewer. Rajat wants his images to provoke thoughts and emotions, thereby encouraging the viewer to see a world through his eyes.

Rajat has a penchant for photographing candid. His particular interest in charachter photography piqued after a photowalk with a Nikon lecturer, and following various workshops by Nikon and other talented individuals.

Rajat’s philosophy for photography is very simple, ” Look before you shoot”. Composition is not always obvious, you need to create it. In spite of all the technical knowledge and gear, without seeking out the scene and clicking that shutter, photography would just be another passive hobby.

I am a passionate photographer today but before holding my first camera I was a quite a bookworm. I completed my bachelors in Mathematics and went on to pursue MSc. Operational Research in post-graduation from Delhi University.  After completing my education I landed a good job with a reputed corporate firm. However, my passion for photography grew and blossomed during my initial years of work.

Some of the key highlights of my photography journey have been in receiving recognition by Nikon India for my images and winning the prestigious 6th National photography award in 2017. READ MORE