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Pushkar photography tour

5 Reasons Why Fisheye Lens is Awesome

By: Sumit Gulati         Published: March 2017


Ladakh was always in my mind, I had dreams about the naturistic scenes from the leh, ladakh but at the same time I was bit scared considering the health issues as climate there is not suitable for all. But after this trip with Fotofoyer I must say I am mesmerized with the beauty of Ladakh.

Fotofoyer team were always there to see our health concerns, Sumit (member of fotofoyer) were always ready with his first-aid kit. I will definitely look forward to join them again in future tours.

Tarun Kohli – Ladakh 2016

Pushkar photography tour

My experience during Holi in Barsana and Nandgaon

By: Rajat Mukherjee         Published: July 2017

I am very happy that I joined the fotofoyer for “well organised” Ladakh tour. All the members of the group was very helping in nature. I am really missing the beauty of Ladakh, first time in my life I saw the milkyway from naked eye and also learn the right technique for shooting during night time.

At last I thank Fotofoyer and all group members for a wonderful time.


Rahul Gupta – Ladakh -2016