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“We can’t improve what we don’t assess.”― Michael Hyatt

I chose Fotofoyer after researching Holi tours for 2018. They were prompt and professional in answering emails and assuring my daughter and I that we were going to have a great trip. My father and some other members of the family told them several times to take good care of us. OMG they must have thought we were high maintenance clients already. I traveled with Amrita, my photographer daughter from Toronto and was a bit anxious. I had an idea that people on Holi could get rowdy and I just wanted us to have a great, carefree trip.
Fotofoyer was warned about us. We spent three amazing days with Sumit and Rajat and the first word that comes to my mind is : safe. We felt safe navigating the intense festival of colours with them. Over the matter of three days, we were guided into alleys and rooftops of Barsana, Nandgaon and Vrindavan filled with a million people.These two guys honoured every request we had whether it was to change the music in the mini-bus or going to a difficult spot to take a shot. They kept their cool even when we lost two participants for an hour on the first day.
We got to know them better and by the end of the trip they felt like friends. We shared stories and had so much fun together. I took this picture of Rajat, Amrita and Sumit and my caption was that – No woman photographer should cover India without amazing bodyguards.
Both of them are very humble and I told them that they need to shine more because they are two very talented photographers, creative and competent tour operators and two very special human beings.
I would definitely do another tour with them and if there are any women travellers looking for a tour– these are your guys! Miss them already!

Rina Singh 
Rangraas 2018

Had such an incredible once in a lifetime experience with Fotofoyer on our Holi tour! Our guides we’re kind and considerate, ensuring that we were well taken care and safe throughout the tour. They were knowledgable about where to go to get interesting imagery and receptive to feedback. Had such a great experience and would love to do it again one day! Can’t get the colours out of my mind… it was a feast for the eyes. Thank you Sumit and Rajat!

Amrita Singh
Rangraas 2018

From past many years, I was desperate to capture the colors and ethnicity of the land of Pushkar. Thanks to Fotofoyer which made it happen. Friendly nature of the tour mentor made the tour more interesting and fun.
There will be a lot to say about, but summing up, overall it was a wonderful experience touring with Fotofoyer. Looking forward for more tours with you all.

Thank you Fotofoyer – Rajat & Sumit
Akash Awasthi
Pushkar 2017 

Many Many thanks to Team Fotofoyer and all group members for a wonderful trip arrangement and guidance. All the places where i visited become impressed and astonished. Specially Barsana and Nandgao oh! what a giant celebration! it was totally out of my imagination! I was simply surprised and amazed…. And i think these types of celebrations are not only All Indian’s property, it should be world’s property n it must be declared as UNICEF World Heritage…. many many thnx to my dear Rajat and Sumit for kind support n co-operation….

Md. Fakrul Islam
RangRaas 2017 

Barsana, Nandgaon and Vrindavan sprung to life in all colours one can imagine and left me longing for more. I happened to travel with Rajat and Sumit on Fotofoyers Rangraas Holi photo tour and it was most fulfilling for me. The Trip was very well organised, everything was meticulously planned and Rajat and Sumit were there as friends and mentors who always knew the best locations, positions to get the perfect picture from. They took care of the group which usually is on a”Run and Gun mode” given the nature of the event and the crowds involved. I came back extremely happy with the trip and lasting memories. I highly would recommend any Phototour with Fotofoyer and look forward to joining them on some in the future.

Shyam Prasad

I was part of fotofoyer’s recent Rangraas Barsana Nandgaon Lathmaar holi photography tour 2017. It was really a great experience . Sumit and Rajat did a fantastic job in terms of arrangements , planning and bookings . They had a very good knowledge of the event and the surroundings . I would definitely recommend them over all overpriced photography tour groups. They charge 3 times yet they come to the same places , stay at the same hotels and follow the same itinerary. So there is no point paying these so called ” mentors ” such a hefty premium just for their names . If you really want to cover the event at an economical yet well organized tour then opt for fotofoyer‘s . They are new but really putting their heart in this to make it a success.

Rohitangshu Saha
Barsana Nandgaon 2017 

Ladakh was always in my mind, I had dreams about the naturistic scenes from the leh, ladakh but at the same time I was bit scared considering the health issues as climate there is not suitable for all. But after this trip with Fotofoyer I must say I am mesmerized with the beauty of Ladakh.

Fotofoyer team were always there to see our health concerns, Sumit (member of fotofoyer) were always ready with his first-aid kit. I will definitely look forward to join them again in future tours.

Tarun Kohli
Leh Ladakh Phototour 2016 

As of now I have attended two photo tours with fotofoyer. Its always nice to have rajat and sumit around when you are in the field. I really had great experience in both the tours, Barsana and Pushkar Phototour, this year.
My recent experience with fotofoyer is on Pushkar, the tour was well organized and all the details were shared with me well before time. They guided me to the best locations and at the right time.
I look forward to attend many tours with fotofoyer in future
All the best guys.

Dipesh Mehrotra
Barsana Rangraas and Pushkar Phototour 2016 

I had an opportunity to go on a photo trip to Vrindavan (Rangraas) with Fotofoyer group during the holi. It was an amazing experience and I ended up making some amazing friends. The trip was well planned. However, the organizers did not hesitate to accommodate few small changes on our request. I managed to get some great shots from this trip. I would like to go for more trips with this group

Tusnin Das
Barsana Rangraas and Pushkar Phototour 2016 

I am very happy that I joined the fotofoyer for “well organised” Ladakh tour.
All the members of the group was very helping in nature. I am really missing the beauty of Ladakh, first time in my life I saw the milkyway from naked eye and also learn the right technique for shooting during night time.

At last I thank Fotofoyer and all group members for a wonderful time.

Rahul Gupta
Leh Ladakh Phototour 2016