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Rajat Mukherjee

Delhi, India

Coming from a humble beginning, an expensive camera was not the first thing I thought of but had the opportunity to learn pencil art since childhood. Got my first camera, a Kodak manual film camera, in school and hence started my run in photography. Even though not entirely planned, i ended up pursuing Engineering in printing technology, and later went on to pursue Diploma in Advanced Cinematics, with focus on content creating with focus on Photoshop, CorelDraw, illustrator etc.

I believe Photography is about Transferring visions from one to another. There are always two people in a photograph: the photographer and the viewer. He wants his images to provoke thoughts and emotions, thereby experiment with different styles, ways and locations, with a penchant for photographing character and Candid.

I have been fortunate to work in multiple independent and contracted work for Fashion, wedding and corporate as well as private events.