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Sumit Gulati

Delhi, India

I am a passionate photographer today but before holding my first camera all I ever held were books- I was a quite a bookworm. I completed my bachelors in Mathematics and went on to pursue MSc. Operational Research in post-graduation from Delhi University.  After completing my education I landed a good job with a reputed corporate firm. However, my passion for photography grew and blossomed during my initial years of work.

My colleagues in the office have played a significant role is invigorating my passion for photography. Two of my colleagues at office shared my passion for photography and often discussed the nuances of photography with me. They would often use high sounding technical words like RAW or JPEGs, shutter speed, filters for landscape photography, Nice Bokeh (blur background), aperture etc.

Although, I felt overwhelmed due to my lack of knowledge but was also determined to learn.  I asked them to help me increase my knowledge base and they willingly shared books, materials and tutorial DVDs with me.

Enthused by my new found knowledge and support from my colleagues I bought myself a DSLR and since then I have never looked back.

Some of the key highlights of my photography journey have been in receiving recognition by Nikon and Sony for my images and winning the prestigious 6th National photography award in 2017.

My passion for photography has only increased over the years and it has become a way of expressing myself.